Mixed Pack

Time to mix things up a bit? Awesome. Get four of each of our flavours. Trust us they're good!



Grape Soda. Refreshing. Sharp. Indulgent. It’s just the way we do things.



You’re not looking for engineered Cherry Soda. You want the real thing. So, we made one just for you.


Root Beer

Root Beer fans, we salute you. But have you tried Root Beer with a splash of real Canadian maple syrup?


Cream Soda

Real Madagascan vanilla, not too fizzy, smooth and really, really satisfying. Trust us. This is real Cream Soda.

Good Soda. Good Folk. Good Deeds.

We all love a good story, right?

Ken, our Coloradoan founder, missed his hometown sodas whilst in London. So, he had an idea. He’d make his own sodas, and make them unlike any other in the UK.

Sodas that are 100% natural, authentic, and use only premium ingredients. Sodas that are reassuringly familiar but distinctively different. Sodas that recognise those whose Good Deeds had inspired him on his journey.

It’s time for a change. Time for a good kind of soda. Time to choose Soda Folk.

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“You’ve created one of the best Root Beers on the market and should be proud”


“Calling all fellow cream soda addicts, this is especially delicious”

Chris Harris, Journalist, Top Gear Presenter

“I just tried Cherry Soda and it tastes amazing”


“I really think that Soda Folk have got this spot on. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, a little sharp and full of flavour”

Nick’s Soft Drinks Reviews
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