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24 x 330ml cans

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Who is this Soda Folk?  Brian Gravestock

Our Soda Folk hero, Colorado Springs bike mechanic Brian Gravestock has taken his skill and added a whole new spin: donating finished bikes to those in need across his local community.

Brian has run Bike Clinic Too since ’09, to support the original Bike Clinic he founded in ’93 with friend Peter Sprunger-Froese. Bikes are donated, repaired by Brian and his team, then given to local homeless, offering them a freedom they would struggle to achieve alone.

A bike isn’t just a method of getting from one place to another. It is that ‘wind in the hair’ freedom to move swiftly, to escape urban life, to just hit the saddle and ride. Such freedoms form the roots of a healthy mind, which is why we chose Brian to grace our cans and bottles of craft Root Beer.

Here’s to you Brian!

Additional information

Weight 24 kg

We make our Root Beer using a careful mix of extracts, organic vanilla, cane sugar, and pure maple syrup. 


Carbonated water, pure cane sugar, colour, natural flavourings, sassafras flavour.

Storage Information

Chill once opened


Each 330ml Serving Contains               % of Guidance amount

158 Calories                                                       8%

39g Sugars                                                        43%

0g Fat                                                                0%

0g Saturates                                                      0%

0g Salt                                                               0%