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Who is this Soda Folk? Richard Reynolds
In our modern world, our gardens have come to represent a boundary between our home and the rest of the world. Guerilla Gardener, Richard Reynolds sees things a little differently. “My garden is in the middle of the road”, he tells us…and nope, he’s not joking.

Having moved into a flat in London owning his own garden seemed a pipe dream so Richard decided to look beyond his flat and fill roundabouts, playgrounds, traffic islands and other municipal spaces with flowers and shrubs, on a campaign of cultivation that he continues to this day! That’s 12 years of planting, pruning, watering and weeding, with the sole goal of injecting a little colour into the lives of fellow garden-deprived city folk. What a guy right!

When looking for a face to place on our bottles of craft Orange Soda, we could think of no sunnier an outlook than that of Richard Reynolds.


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Our Orange Soda is made with real Mandarin oranges.  It’s a flavourful, tangy, and completely addictive treat.



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