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24 x 330ml cans

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Made with a blend of Madagascan vanilla extracts, with a rich creamy taste and a bit of cedar and smokiness that give it depth.

Soda Folk was born to introduce the UK to the kind of tasty Craft Sodas we grew up drinking in Colorado. Made with Love using only the finest ingredients, we pride ourselves on uncommon flavours for uncommon folk.

Additional information

Weight 24 kg


Carbonated water, pure cane sugar, colour, natural flavourings, aged natural vanilla extract, pure maple syrup.

Storage Information

Chill once opened.


Each 330ml Serving Contains               % of Guidance amount

158 Calories                                                       8%

39g Sugars                                                        43%

0g Fat                                                                0%

0g Saturates                                                      0%

0g Salt                                                               0%

Give this

a try?…

Guinness Cream Soda Beer Cocktail


4 oz. ginger liqueur
4 oz. vanilla liqueur
3 oz. Soda Folk Cream Soda
3 oz. Guinness Draught


Make sure all ingredients are chilled before preparing this drink.

Combine the ginger and vanilla liqueurs in a chilled pint glass. Add cream soda an stir gently. Slowly pour Guinness into the glass, using the back of a spoon