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Who is this Soda Folk? Jack Harrison

Introducing new methods to long established traditions is always tough. Introducing a new form of football (or should that be soccer!) to the sunny shores of England is no small task!

Working in the poorest parts of London, Street League coach Jack Harrison is clearly no stranger to a bit of hard work. On top of introducing a new style of football to locals, he’s also had to find funds for a new pitch at the Calthorpe Project, to the sum of nearly £70,000!

Hitting up local and national charity funds, consultancy firms and other willing contributors, his dream of providing decent facilities for deprived communities has truly been the apple of his eye.

So when eyeing up folk to fit our Apple Soda bottles, we could look no further than Futsal maestro, Jack Harrison!

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Carbonated Water, French Apple Juice from Concentrate, Malic Acid.

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Chill once opened.