Good Soda.

Driven by flavour, by the desire for authenticity, and the demand for more choice and more taste in soft drinks.

It’s time for a change. Time for a good kind of soda. Time to choose Soda Folk.

Our Mission

Consumers deserve better choices and better flavours.

Soda Folk is on a mission to introduce soda drinkers to a world full of flavours that are authentic, honest and true to their roots. Flavours that are versatile, comfortingly familiar but uncommonly different. Sodas that can be enjoyed as they are, with your favourite tipple or in that special ‘secret’ recipe.

Today you’ll find our Root Beer, Cream Soda, Cherry and Grape Soda Folk available to purchase via our website, in a range of restaurants, online at Ocado and Amazon and at selected Sainsbury’s stores. We think they’re the best soft drinks around. And we’re pretty sure you will, too.

Our Sodas

Sodas should be flavoursome, have character, be distinctive and always honest. Which means using only the finest ingredients and absolutely no artificial preservatives or sweeteners. All our soda is gluten-free and vegan-friendly. And that’s why each and every one of our Soda Folk sodas are just that - the “good” kind.

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