Good Folk.

Find out more about our Good Folk and their stories. Our Folk are Good Folk. They’ve helped us along the way. Their ideas inspire us. They are us, and we are them.

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Good Folk.

Our Folk are Good Folk. They’ve helped us along the way. Their ideas inspire us. They are us, and we are them.

So we strive to be good, to stay honest to our roots and to challenge others to choose the authentic. It’s why our fans decide the flavours that we develop and bring to market. They’re part of our journey, part of us.

Jim Elliott

Jim was furloughed during the 2020 lockdown, but instead of chilling like a can of soda he jumped in his canoe to begin a clean up operation of Grimsby’s historic waterway, the River Freshney.

Known locally as the ‘Canoe River Cleaner’, Jim’s voyage continues to provide a cleaner habitat for wildlife and a natural beauty spot that Grimbarian’s can be proud of.

Thanks for pushing the boat out, Jim… you’re a legend!

Kate McAllen

With over 40 years worth of experience, Kate is a wonderful chef who helps create nutritious and healthy meals across Kent and London.

During her downtime, Kate created recipes and ran virtual cook-alongs for schools and charities such as Club Ausome, which help disabled children and their families across the South East, as well as helping church groups and the local Brownies.

Never stop being awesome, Kate!

Kelly Iles

We love celebrating everyday folk who serve up good deeds from the ingredients life hands them. People like Kelly Iles.

Kelly is a successful owner of a cafe in Leamington Spa who couldn't bear to see her produce go to waste when lockdown hit. So she turned her cafe into a community-led effort to keep local NHS staff fed, providing over 75,000 delicious meals for frontline workers.

Never stop feeding the hungry heroes, Kelly!

Krishna Raghvani

The latest member to join our family of real-life Soda Folk Heroes is Krishna Raghvani, who was nominated by work colleague Hannah, who describes Krishna as “one of the most selfless people I have ever had the fortune of meeting”.

Krishna constantly looks for ways to give back to the community, whether that be through volunteering at homeless shelters in London, raising awareness for Black Lives Matter and minority groups in her workplace or organising fundraising events for worthwhile causes such as women's refuges. At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, she immediately signed up to help vulnerable people in her local community by delivering prescriptions and helping people with their grocery shopping.

Thank you Krishna!

Mike Miller-Smith

We love celebrating everyday folk that are taking Good Deeds to whole new heights. Mike Miller-Smith is doing this every day.

Mike’s dream of being a commercial pilot was cut short when he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, a neurological condition that has taken away his ability to move. Despite this, Mike took his passion for flying and founded Aerobility, a charity that offers thousands of disabled people from across the world a chance to fly a plane.

Keep on flying, Mike!

Shannon McAuliffe

We love celebrating everyday folk who serve up good deeds by the forkful. Shannon McAuliffe is doing this every day.

Shannon is a skilled chef who found himself with time on his hands and no one to cook for when he was placed on furlough. Not one to sit on his hands, he founded Feed The Nation - an initiative which provides good food to the people who need it most.

Never stop cooking, Shannon!

Carrlean Chang

While the gang here are certainly busy folk, we’re nowhere near as busy as Carrlean Chang.

A longtime nurse, a mother of five, a writer and occasional voice of the voiceless, Carrlean has even played a major role in changing British law. Amazingly, she even finds time to work with charity group Heeling Soles, gathering pairs of unwanted shoes and distributing them worldwide to those in need.

Carrlean, we salute you!

Brian Gravenstock

Our Soda Folk Hero, Colorado Springs Bike Mechanic Brian Gravenstock, has taken his skill and added a whole new spin: Donating finished bikes to those in need across his local community.

Brian has run Bike Clinic Too since ‘09, to support the original Bike Clinic he founded in ‘93 with friend Peter Sprunger-Froese. Bikes are donated, repaired by Brian and his team, then given to local homeless, offering them a freedom they would struggle to achieve alone.

A bike isn’t just a method of getting from one place to another. It is that ‘wind in the hair’ freedom to move swiftly, to escape urban life, to just hit the saddle and ride. Such freedoms form the roots of a healthy mind, which is why we chose Brian to grace our cans and bottles of craft Root Beer.

Here’s to you Brian!

Tracy duCharme

Coloradoans will remember the Lone Llama of Pikes Peak. The poor little Peruvian spent six weeks lost in the Rockies back in ‘09, surprising Cog Railway riders and worrying train conductors as well as gathering a fair amount of media attention. Thin and frostbitten as he was, the little guy toughed it out and was eventually rescued by Black Forest Llama owner, Tracy duCharme.

To succeed where Cog Railway workers and Pikes Peak Rangers had failed, Tracy and her friend Mike Shealy took two of their own llamas - Dancer and Shasta - into the wild to see if the promise of a little company would coax out the kid camelid. Their plan worked and the lost llama soon trotted over to make friends, allowing Tracy and Mike to fit a rope and halter, then lead it into their waiting trailer. Great work, guys!

Tracy, for your services to llama-kind, we dedicate our craft Cherry Soda to you.

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