Good Deeds.

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We help those who help others.

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Good Deeds.

When we created Soda Folk, we were inspired by those who helped us on our journey and the acts of kindness that they showed to others. It was something that we wanted to make part of our company too.

It’s our belief, more so than ever before, that we should help others and support those who do good deeds because small contributions to our communities can make a big difference to society. Founded on this simple idea, every one of our Soda Folk cans features a person with a great story that we can be inspired by, encouraging us all to do more.

If you know someone that deserves to be recognised for their good deeds, please nominate them below.

Good Folk Trust

We created the Good Folk Trust where we take part of our turnover and use this to help those who help others. That means that every can of Soda Folk that is purchased by you our customers is contributing to good deeds that help others to do more.

The trust enables our Folk to nominate unsung heroes that have done good deeds and we then share their stories via our social channels, website and newsletters for our folk to vote for the person that deserves the most recognition. Soda Folk then recognise that person and make a contribution to the charity of their choice or their good cause to help them do more.

Nominate someone for doing a good deed

Making your nomination

We’ve tried to make our nomination process as easy as possible. All you need to do is complete the following form, provide your contact details so that we can get in touch and tell us a little more about the unsung hero you are nominating and the reasons why you believe they need some recognition.

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