Tracey duCharme

Coloradans will remember the lone llama of Pikes Peak. The poor little Peruvian spent 6 weeks lost in the Rockies back in ’09, surprising Cog Railway riders and worrying train conductors as well as gathering a fair amount of media attention.
Thin and frostbitten as he was, the little guy toughed it out and was eventually rescued by Black Forest llama owner, Tracy duCharme.

To succeed where Cog Railway workers and Pikes Peak Rangers had failed, Tracy and her friend Mike Shealy took two of their own llamas – Dancer and Shasta – into the wild to see if the promise of a little company would coax out the kid camelid.
Their plan worked and the lost llama soon trotted over to make friends, allowing Tracy and friend Mike Shealy to fit a rope and halter, then lead it into their waiting trailer. Great work, guys!

Tracy, for services to llama-kind, we dedicate our craft Cherry Soda to you.