World Vegan Month

It’s World Vegan Month this November. It’s a month celebrated around the world as people look to reflect on how veganism has swept the globe as well as an opportunity for people to share their tips and tricks to adopt a lifestyle more in tune with the big beautiful world we all live in.

Veganism through the ages

The first World Vegan Day, the start of World Vegan Month, was held in 1994 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vegan Society.

But, veganism can be traced back way before 1994. In fact, many claim that Pythagoras (you know, the smart Greek fella who had his own theorem) was a vegan, as he was widely known to follow a vegetarian diet and advocate the idea that animals should not be harmed. So that takes us back to 500 BCE!

Since then veganism took shape in many different ways, from the Vegetarian Society, born out of the UK in the 1800s through to the formation of the Vegan Society in 1994 and the term ‘vegan’ being widely adopted.

Today, more people are turning to a vegan lifestyle with over 1% of the British population identifying as vegan - that's quadruple the number there were in 2014.

Why choose a vegan lifestyle?

Well, it’s pretty personal actually.

There are those that choose a vegan lifestyle for animal welfare reasons. Cutting out any animal products, from refusing to wear leather shoes through to not eating eggs, milk and honey.

Others are committed to veganism to help reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint.

And then there are those that ‘go vegan’ for health reasons, as a well-balanced vegan diet will be low on cholesterol and naughty fats.

What about us?

Well, we always wanted to make our drinks natural, delicious and free from nasties. So, it made sense to also ensure that our drinks could be enjoyed by everyone, which is why they are 100% vegan and 1000% delicious.

What’s more, we’ve made it our mission to source the good stuff. So it’s real Madagascan vanilla that goes into our Cream Soda and our Cherry and Grape Sodas are crammed full of gorgeous natural fruit juice.

What about you?

Going vegan is such a personal decision, but there's a bunch of helpful information here and it’s easier than ever to make vegan choices.

All we’d say is that if you can be a bit kinder to yourself and to the planet by making a vegan choice every now and then, then do it. Drinking Soda Folk is just one option.

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