Why we included Steviol in our updated recipe

As a responsible, consumer-focused business, we have decided to reduce the amount of refined sugar in our Cream Soda. We've not removed the sugar completely (it just wouldn't taste the same!), but we've added a touch of Steviol, an NHS-approved sweetener, to ensure people get the same luxurious Cream Soda experience they've come to know and love.
Whilst we've tweaked the recipe, we're still dedicated to making the best Cream Soda, with the same amount of real Madagascan vanilla, that's not too fizzy, super-smooth and totally satisfying. The changes we've made were done in close collaboration with our Good Folk, the Soda Folk fans who love our signature taste, and we all think the new Cream Soda is a fantastic soda, which we're very proud of.
Of course, we understand that the change to our Cream Soda means that a few people, who aren't able to consume sweeteners or simply prefer refined sugars in their drinks, will be disappointed. We are truly very sorry about this, but it was something that we felt we just had to do. However, we'd like to let everyone know that none of Soda Folk's delicious fruit sodas have any sweetener (or added sugar), so if people are open to trying some of the other fantastic sodas in our range, we hope there will still be an awesome Soda Folk drink for you!
Thanks for your understanding and we hope you enjoy our new Cream Soda as much as we do.
The Soda Folk Team.

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