What would your 10-year-old self’s New Year’s resolutions be?

The New Year is well and truly upon us and although we might be stuck in what seems like a never ending lock down, this does give us time to reflect on what some of our goals for the rest of the year might be. 

Our delicious soda flavours often bring back memories of childhood - from remembering the cherryade served at our best friend’s birthday party or creating ice cream floats on a hot summer’s day. 

Using these memories, we thought you, our Good Folk, might like to think about how you can pull inspiration for some excellent Good Deeds in 2021. Be that recreating some of your favourite childhood bakes, or remembering how you used to do a Good Deed for someone you loved. 

Before we tell you how you can share these resolutions with us, we’re going to provide some inspiration from the memories of some wonderful Good Folk at Soda Folk.

Shannon’s 10 year old resolution

Shannon McCauliffe is the star of our Cherry Soda can - his New Year’s resolution is to continue all his work with his Feed The Nation initiative he started last year, feeding those who need it most. This is inspired by some of his earliest memories and as a 10-year-old he was already showing his charitable generosity and entrepreneurship we cherish him for today. 

Living in South Africa he took part in a charity bake sale as part of a TV programme. Tasked with making as much money as possible, not only did he source all the ingredients, bake everything, and market the cakes, ensuring they broke even and raised money for worthy causes. He even made extra money by selling the table and decorations they used as their stall! 

Simon’s 10-year-old resolution

The one and only, Simon Waterfall, Soda Folk’s Chief Soda Maker’s New Year’s resolution is to say ‘yes’ more than ‘no’ to his son. Inspired by his younger memories, he was always told ‘no you can’t stay out late’ or ‘no you mustn't play on the sofa’ and so has always tried to be less strict than his parents. 

His biggest memory from being a 10-year-old was being super proud of his dad for being promoted to Warrant Officer in the Tornado Squadron of the RAF. It’s this very memory which is why he works so hard today so his kids can feel equally proud. 

Share your memories and resolutions!

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