What makes Good Folk, good?

We know that Good Folk are fundamental to how we work. They help us and inspire us to create the great tasting sodas we make.

But who are these Good Folk and how do we decide who is part of this marvellous group?

We’ve delved into the minds of the Great British Public to see how some of them live good lives.

What makes Good Folk tick?

Our last blog post revealed the personality traits of Good Folk but what are their secrets to living a good life?

Well, having deep social connections, feeling loved and loving others and family, are the most important ingredients to leading a good life. However, having time to yourself is crucial too. Over a third (37%) also say ‘living in the moment’ is key, so perhaps it’s time to push out of your comfort zone and change things up a little.

Helping people regularly is also key - a huge 75% of us have come to someone’s aid without being prompted in the past week, something we should all be proud of!

The little things matter

It’s not just big gestures like donating an organ or saving someone's life that make Good Folk, good - the smaller things matter too.

In fact, simply giving someone a (Covid secure) hug or writing a thank you letter ranks highly in Brit’s top good deeds. Although hugging is currently off the cards, perhaps it’s time to stock up on stamps and pick up your pen and paper to thank that distant relation for that unwanted birthday gift!

With more of us staying in it’s perhaps of little surprise that lending your Netflix / Spotify / Disney+ login is also a good deed to be celebrated in 2020.

How you can get involved

We’re always on the lookout for more Good Folk to become part of the Soda Folk family. If you know someone who you think should be championed for their Good Deeds then why not nominate them here:  

They might even have the chance to be featured on our lovely packaging.

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