We’re celebrating Christmas with our very own Good Deed

Christmas is a marvelous time of year for lots of us. It’s a Wonderful Life on the TV, a turkey the size of a school at the centre of the table, family and friends gathered together (well, within reason this year). 

And what a year it’s been. It’s been fascinating to see ordinary folk do extraordinary things to help each other out. And so we didn't just want to sit back with our figgy pudding and fizz. We wanted to see if we could do something that celebrated Good Folk while also helping out with a Good Deed or two.  

This got us thinking...wouldn’t it be super to release our own Band Aid-style Xmas single? The only trouble is Bono was busy and Phil Collins couldn’t remember where he parked his Concorde. 

Our pondering led us to think - how about we got our own lovely Folk involved instead? Afterall, they are the ones who make a real difference in the world! And, if they just so happened to share a name or two with some of our favourite celebs so much the better.

Introducing our #ThankFolkItsChristmas (sort of) no.1 single

So, after reaching out to all our Good Folk we’re proud to introduce The Soda Folk Xmas Charity Single 2021 featuring the wonderful Kate Moss, Gareth Malone, Mark Wright, Chris Martin and Jo Brand, Enya, and Whitney. 

Take a look below and let us know what you think. We hope it’ll bring you a smile and a bit of joy to end the year on a high!

Any money raised from the video will be going to the wonderful charity, FareShare, who redistribute surplus food to charities that turn it into meals - cutting down on food waste and feeding those who need it. 

As an extra bit of Christmas cheer Soda Folk will also be donating 50 crates of tasty soda to the charity too. 

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You can also donate to FareShare’s Christmas appeal, here.


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