The Good Manifesto - why good matters now more than ever

Why does a drinks brand care about good? It’s a question, we’re asked all the time, but to us it’s the wrong question.

It’s the wrong question because we don’t believe it’s optional to care about good. Doing good is at the heart of everything we do - we make Good Soda and celebrate Good Folk doing Good Deeds.

The better question is what does being good mean? That’s a question none of us should ignore.

It’s also too big a question for us to answer alone. So we turned to the great British public to help us understand what good means and looks like in our topsy turvy modern world. Here’s what they told us:

We’re a nation who wants to do good

The average Brit carries out 10 good deeds a year - a fine number when you consider all the time pressures imposed by modern life. Even more impressively, we were delighted to learn that the imposed isolation of lockdown hasn’t stopped Brits from doing good.

In fact, the opposite is true - a whopping two thirds of us (64%) are planning on carrying out more deeds once the pandemic is over. And nearly half of all Brits believe we’ve become kinder as a nation during the pandemic - a rare chink of good news which we should all celebrate.

What makes someone a good person?

It’s simple really - Brits think a good person is someone who is kind. We couldn’t agree more - a good person is someone who helps others and does it for the right reasons.  The Good Folk we champion on our cans and our website all share this fundamental attribute - they’re kind people who are doing good because it’s the right thing to do.

This kindness is then backed up  in the eyes of Brits by two more vital attributes - honesty and loyalty. We’re not surprised by either of these values being important - if we can’t trust someone to have our backs, then we’ll never believe they’re a good person.

The most important good deeds

Once we understood what made a good person, we asked Brits to tell us what the most important good deeds someone could do are. Here’s what they told us:

  1. Saving someone’s life
  2. Donating an organ
  3. Fostering or adopting a child
  4. Donating blood
  5. Volunteering your time
  6. Chasing after someone when they’ve dropped something
  7. Giving money or food to the homeless
  8. Setting up a charity
  9. Donating to charity
  10. Helping a neighbour, friend or family member out with DIY 

The Good Manifesto

Once we knew what good looked like, it was time for us to capture the very essence of good in a set of commitments we could live by. That’s what our Good Manifesto does - acts as a set of principles we can judge our own actions by and use to champion people who are doing good in their own lives.

Every year we’ll be reassessing our key manifesto commitments to ensure they remain relevant in our ever changing world. To do this, we need all of you to help keep us honest and on track. So if you think we’re missing a key aspect of Good, or want to share an example of someone doing good in your world, please do get in touch here.

And of course, if you’d like to write your own Manifesto for Good, we’d love to see it because if we’re sure of one thing, it’s this - there’s always room for more good in the world.

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