The Good Manifesto 2021

Our message has always been the same - we’re far more than just a drinks brand. But why does not only talking about doing good but actually following up on our words matter so much to us? 

We get asked this a lot and to be honest, we don’t know any different. Good Deeds are key to everything we do, they’re built into our ethos and way of working. And although it’s been another year of monumental change that same ethos has never changed. 

We wanted to see if our fellow Brits shared our sentiments when it comes to spreading Good Deeds, so we picked up from where we left off with last year’s survey, and put some questions to the nation again.

Luckily we’re not alone. 

Steadily better 

Coinciding with the relaxing of lockdown restrictions at various points, nearly half (45%) of those surveyed have said that they carried out more deeds this year than in 2020. So while there's even more room for improvement next year, it’s safe to say that the new norm we find ourselves in hasn’t gotten too much in the way of our charitable tendencies. 

The numbers for next year are even more encouraging too, as a very healthy 69% plan to take part in even more deeds to benefit those around them in 2022. And long may this continue we say! 

What matters most? 

Unsurprisingly, the top three traits our respondents think you need to be a good person are values that we also hold very dearly. Kindness (61%), loyalty (59%) and honesty (58%) came out on top from our survey and couldn’t agree more! Interestingly, those are the exact same results from last year, which goes to show that no matter what hurdles are thrown our way, the fundamentals of what it takes to be a ‘do-gooder’ remain the same.

10 of the best

Like last year, we wanted to figure out which deeds were deemed the most important. And who knows, they might even shape what we choose to get ourselves involved with over the coming months!  

The Top 10 deeds according to Brits in 2022 include: 

  1. Saving someone's life
  2. Donating blood
  3. Donating to charity
  4. Giving money / food to the homeless
  5. Volunteering your time
  6. Giving someone a hug
  7. Donating an organ
  8. Saying thank you / writing a thank you letter
  9. Helping a neighbour, friend or family member out with DIY
  10. Chasing after someone if they’ve dropped something

You might be surprised that some of these are as simple as giving someone a hug. Good Deeds don’t need to be a massive gesture, or super costly. Doing something meaningful can sometimes just only take a few seconds out of our day. Something to bear in mind! 

Secret to love 

We can often over complicate what it means to live a ‘good’ life. We can all be guilty of forgetting that the most important things are normally quite simple really. We asked what you thought were the top secrets to living a happy life. The results were as follows: feeling loved by others, having time for yourself and financial stability. 

While these things look slightly different depending on the individual, it just proves that we don’t need much to be happy once you strip everything back. But as always, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you’ll be doing in 2022 to spread a bit of joy! ​​In the meantime, if you’re running low on cans, pop over to Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Costco, Amazon or our lovely online shop at

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