Thank Folk It’s Christmas 2021

On the back of last year’s success coupled with the recent COP-26 event that put sustainability right at the top of the agenda for many brands and businesses - we’ve decided to call upon 2020’s smash hit, Thank Folk It’s Christmas once again in 2021. We’ve gone for a ‘less is more approach’ this time around too. Instead of finding a group of celebrity named singers to fill the void this year - we simply went for the namesake of the biggest singer in the world. Fresh off the back of another era-defining record, there was only one name that’s been on everyone’s lips - Adele! 

And while the ‘30’ superstar is a bit busy organising the small matter of a world tour right now, we’ve found a more than adequate replacement to help us with our Christmas single this year. As ever, we thought carefully about why our Adele deserved to get the nod and it’s safe to say we’ve uncovered a star in her own right. 

Our ‘Adele’ may not have sold millions of records across the world, but in her community, she lies right at the heart of what makes it so special.

Staying in-tune 

Despite the light-hearted nature of our festive song, there’s a serious message at the heart of it. We pride ourselves on being leaders and constantly finding important messages to share as well as causes to get behind. And this year is no different. By revitalising our cheeky bit of festive fun from last year, we want to show our peers that a big message doesn’t have to have a big cost or big gimmick in order to feel important. 

Christmas is more important than ever and the things that we shouldn’t lose sight of don’t require grand gestures - just a little bit of thought and effort can go a long way. 

So what are we trying to say with our gesture? 

Food waste is an issue that is obviously very close to our hearts, so we’re teaming up with our good friends over at FareShare UK, a charity set up to tackle food waste in the UK. So for every like we receive on our Christmas song that will be shared on our social channels today - we will donate an extra can of Soda Folk to the charity.

How to get involved? 

Well this part is easy, all you need to do is head over to and of our social channels @sodafolk and drop a like on our video. Better still, like the video across all of our platforms so we can donate as many cans as possible!

It’s a partnership that many never thought that they’d see but let’s face it Soda Folk x ‘Adele’ is the collaboration that we didn’t realise we needed to take us into the New Year. So don’t miss out on the action! 

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