Summer of Soda Folk

Football might not have come home and the aftermath of last week’s final will leave a bitter taste for sometime to come. But that’s a conversation for another time. Despite the post-Euro hangover, there’s still cause for optimism for the rest of the summer. Lockdown restrictions are (hopefully) coming to an end which means one thing: The Summer of Soda Folk can finally begin! 

Good Times ahead 

The last 18 months have been tough, to say the least, so having something to really look forward to is the silver lining we all deserve. There’s not just one silver lining either, try five! We know we’re slightly biased but each of our tasty flavours are as good a reason as any to feel optimistic about what the rest of the summer has in store for us! So many different options, so many amazing flavours! 

Whether you’re spending the summer at home or are thinking about a trip abroad, our cans have the power to transport you to your happy place - wherever that may be! 

it goes without saying, our most cherished memories live within different things. Our favourite songs, films, holidays, food and of course, drinks! We used our limited edition Jam Roly-poly cans to focus on the nostalgic aspects of our childhood, but the truth is, nostalgia extends further than that. Our sole purpose is to create little moments of joy that will develop into something more special. 

More Good Soda? 

Once in a while, it’s good to mix things up a bit. As if the sheer excitement and surprise in our first new flavour of the year wasn’t enough joy for you, we decided to give you another one - then another one on top of that! 

The response has been incredible so far and we’ve been inundated with questions about a possible new flavour. We can’t reveal anything just yet but our advice is simple: keep your eyes peeled. 

Good Folk forever 

As always, we love seeing the amazing work done by you beautiful souls out there! Any gesture, no matter how big or small goes some way to making our communities a better place to live in. So our message is a short one but - keep doing what you’re doing! It never goes unnoticed and it’s always appreciated. We love you all! 

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