Soda Folk’s Spring picnic pairings

We did it. We made it through the winter! That means one thing, come rain or shine, picnic season is firmly upon us. 

Being the Good Folk that we are, we don’t just care about you enjoying our Good Soda - we want you to have the best food to go with it! So without further ado, here’s the ultimate picnic snacks to pair with each of our delicious sodas.

Root Beer

Now, it’s time to get straight to the root of these pairings! It’s smooth, it’s refreshing and it’s just the right amount of flavour. But what exactly should we be pairing with this stone cold classic?

Well, we know our friends across the pond do love a nice, big scoop of vanilla ice cream in their root beer but we’re choosing to go down the savoury route for our picnic pairing. Why not try some
Penn State Sea Salted Pretzels with these? We have, and we absolutely loved it! The undoubted moreishness of these will compliment our thirst quenching Root Beer perfectly! You absolutely have to try it! 

Cream Soda 

Well, well, well, this is where things get interesting. Gone are the days where sodas are pigeonholed as unhealthy, artificial drinks that will leave you guilt-stricken afterwards.

Our delicious cream soda is packed with 100% natural ingredients, as well as being vegan friendly AND gluten free - just like all of our flavours! Trust us when we say that this is the Cream Soda. Unfortunately, we can’t really go left-field with this pairing as there is only one thing that goes best with our Cream Soda: strawberries! As the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and this winning combo certainly isn’t broken. It’s really, really satisfying! 


Filled with over 50% natural juices, this Cherry Soda certainly packs a punch! In truth, it’s bloody glorious, honestly. If you’re after a sticky, sickly and artificial flavour, then this really isn’t for you. What we give you is sweetness, but not too sweet - and flavour. 

My word, so much flavour! We reckon this goes perfectly with Green & Black's delicious dark chocolate, an absolute favourite of ours. A real taste bud equaliser for the full-bodied fruitiness of our delightful Cherry Soda. It’s also organic and vegan friendly too, some would even say it’s the cherry on the top…


Refreshing, sharp and indulgent. What more can we say? Well, it’s marvellously flavoursome and a genuine favourite of ours! A classic flavour like this deserves a classic picnic pairing - sandwiches! You might be thinking “well, which sandwiches?” The answer is: all of them! We’ve paired this fruity goodness with every sarnie you can think of: BLT, yep. ploughmans, check. egg mayo, perfect - we’ve really tried the lot! 

So there we are, our Soda Folk picnic pairings, just in time for the weather to really start looking up. We’ve covered all the sweet and savoury bases with these, now it’s over to you to try! 

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