So nice, we had to do it twice

Not one, but two new flavours! 

The only thing better than announcing one delicious new flavour is… well, announcing two! It’s been a very busy month for us, but we’re totally thrilled with how both have turned out and more importantly how all you wonderful Good Folk out there have received it!

Different packaging, same delicious taste! 

Our journey with these flavours began a few months ago when we released our Jam Roly-Poly Soda as part of our quest to find the UK’s favourite school dinner person. We then tweaked a few things to create an even better tasting soda that delivers an amazing hit of juicy strawberry jam, wrapped in a light suet crust pastry and smothered in vanilla custard. As a soda, Jam Roly-Poly really rolls back the years with every unforgettable, nostalgic sip!

And we’re so glad to be able to bring you our brand new sharing bottles. We love our cans, but if there’s a chance to give out even more soda than we could before, we wanted to grab it with both hands! Our packaging might have changed slightly, but we’re proud to announce that the lovely Kate McAllen is still going to be the face of our Jam Roly-Poly flavour, Kate’s story continues to inspire us and it’s one we want to carry on celebrating as long as we can. 

Key to happiness 

So what about the other brand new flavour? Well - our all new, totally refreshing Key Lime Pie Soda packs a refreshing punch like nothing we’ve ever tasted before. Believe us, it’s brilliant! It combines zesty key lime with the smooth, but delicate taste of meringue to give your taste buds a real treat. It’s a flavour sensation that bursts every time it touches your tongue and once you try it for the first time, you’ll be wondering why this wasn't in your life sooner! 

With Key Lime Pie we wanted to give the perfect nod to an American classic to sit alongside the synonymously British Jam Roly-poly and reckon we’ve done just that! So whether you’re Peep Show or Friends, football or basketball, Jam Roly-Poly or Key Lime Pie, Soda Folk has got you covered. Although, with us, there’s no need to choose when you can have either great flavour anytime you like!

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