Soda Folk needs YOUR HELP to find Britain’s most loved dinner lady or guy!

Soda Folk needs you!
You’re probably wondering how we’ve been filling our spare time recently and to tell you the truth, we’ve spent a lot of it reminiscing on some of the good old days at school. This has led us to come up with a brand spanking new flavour that will pay perfect homage to a school dessert classic, packed with joy and nostalgia!! But it didn’t quite feel right; all this talk about Good Soda, without shining a light on some of the nation’s Good Folk and the Good Deeds that they do.

We thought there would be no better way for us to celebrate this than to highlight just a few of the true unsung heroes of lockdown, our lovely School Dinner Ladies (and guys). Or as we like to call them – School Dinner Folk! We’re going to begin a nationwide search across all regions in a bid to find Britain’s best loved School Dinner Folk and that’s all of them! Not just the ones serving up the lovely meals but all the heroes behind the scenes, from those that prep the dishes to those that keep the canteens nice and clean! Once we’ve found our candidate, they will be the face of our special edition cans to highlight the amazing impact they have had on their community.

But why Dinner Folk?
We got thinking about all of the amazing work that has been done during lockdown. While many of us are stuck at home, these heroic School Dinner Folk have made sure that the children of all the wonderful Key Workers have remained fed! Our Dinner Folk have been so pivotal for us during these tricky times we felt it was really
important to recognise their fantastic contribution. And as an extra Good Deed on our part, we will be donating 10% of our Cherry Soda online sales to Feed the Nation.

What happens next?
Once we’ve found our ideal candidate, with your help, they will appear on some very special edition cans. So, get involved, have your say and help us find the nation’s best loved School Dinner Folk!

How are we going to do this?
That’s where you come in! Alongside our own nationwide search, we want you to send us your nominations to help us find our School Dinner Folk. In 100 words or less, let’s hear from you and find out which of your School Dinner Folk you would love to be on one of our cans. We will then share their story across social media and regional news.

Please send all nominations to The deadline for this is Monday 8th March, 6pm.

Need to stock up on some cans?

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