Muffin but Good Soda!

As you know, Soda Folk is about more than just Good Soda, we thrive on making a difference. That’s why we decided to use our new flavour as a chance to celebrate an individual that has made a significant impact in their community.

But before we found the amazing person to be the face of our special edition cans, we needed the flavour to go inside it! 

The new flavour had to stand out from the crowd. Something that was going to make a statement, turn heads and quench thirsts. Equally, we wanted to give you a flavour that was synonymous with summertime while bursting with a juicy sharpness. So without further ado, we give you -

Blueberry Muffin Soda! 

To tell you the truth - we’ve totally fallen in love with this flavour - and we know you will too! Blueberry Muffin Soda slots effortlessly into our growing repertoire of cans, it’s an absolute summer must. 

Wonderful Krishna

Now you know about our new flavour, it’s time you met the wonderful person that will be the face of our cans. Krishna Raghvani and her amazing community work are almost otherworldly, but we’re so glad they’re not! 

While many of us spent lockdown glued to Netflix, or baking countless batches of banana bread - Krishna was out in her local community in Wembley making a difference. 

Not content with just working from home, Krishna regularly went out into her neighbourhood distributing prescriptions to the vulnerable. That wasn’t enough though, on top of this she initiated a scheme in her local area to deliver food parcels to those most in need. 

These exceptional acts of kindness and selflessness were enough for us. We just had to get in contact with Krishna to hear her story firsthand. What a person Krishna is, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her represent Soda Folk. Krishna, we love you! 

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