Notice anything new about our cans? Well, haven’t we got a treat for you...

There’s no better time to start afresh than the New Year and so that’s just what we’ve done with our new cans!

We’ve got brand spanking new characters and fresher, more flavourful colours for each flavour, so we’re easier to spot when you’re perusing the shelves looking for your favourite soda. The cans also have a lovely new matt sheen to them and snazzy red ring pulls, giving them an extra special feel.

What’s more, we have some new characters to celebrate. Each new character shines a spotlight on one of our Good Folk - someone who’s been doing truly wonderful Good Deeds, making the world a better place. 

Who are these new characters?

Shannon McCauliffe is the new star on the Cherry Soda can - the furloughed chef from London served over 4000 free meals during the first lockdown to NHS staff and the vulnerable! Never stop cooking Shannon!

Mike Miller-Smith now adorns our Cream Soda can - his dream of being a commercial pilot was cut short when he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, a neurological condition that has taken away his ability to move. Despite this, Mike took his passion for flying and founded Aerobility, a charity that offers thousands of disabled people from across the world a chance to fly a plane. 

Carrlean Chang features on the Grape Soda - A longtime nurse, a mother of five, a writer and occasional voice of the voiceless, Carrlean has even played a major role in changing British law. Amazingly, she even finds time to work with charity group Heeling Soles, gathering pairs of unwanted shoes and distributing them worldwide to those in need.

Brian Gravenstock is on the Root Beer can - he’s taken his skill and added a whole new spin: Donating finished bikes to those in need across his local community.

Brian has run Bike Clinic Too since ‘09, to support the original Bike Clinic he founded in ‘93 with friend Peter Sprunger-Froese. Bikes are donated, repaired by Brian and his team, then given to local homeless, offering them a freedom they would struggle to achieve alone.

Meet our new characters and cans

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