Introducing our new best friend...Semble!

We’ve partnered up with Semble, an organisation who, like ourselves, believe that ordinary people doing extraordinarily Good Deeds have the power to change the world. Here’s the low-down on why we’ve come together.  

So, who are Semble?

Semble works to make change happen by connecting the local heroes in our communities with the funding and resources they need to make a difference. 

We know that small, grassroots projects set up by passionate people transform their local areas and make our world a better place. But too many of these projects are under-funded, under-resourced and overlooked. Semble exists to change that. By connecting communities to the tools and funds they need, they help to build change from the ground up. 

The Semble network is made up of thousands of unsung heroes, making Good Deeds their mission. From planting trees and cleaning up our rivers to supporting the most vulnerable people in our communities through the pandemic, these local champions are making a difference to the world around them. 

Our Good Deeds Charity

As many of you might know already, we also celebrate acts of kindness and help even more good happen through our Good Deeds charity. Here, part of our turnover is donated to excellent causes that are doing marvellous things. That means that every can of Soda Folk we sell, contributes to more Good Deeds, nice, eh?

And we know our customers care about this too - research that helped inform our Good Manifesto showed that a whopping two thirds of Brits (64%) want to do more good deeds. It’s all the justification we needed to commit to supporting good causes wherever we can.

Why we’ve come together

We think good people doing good deeds deserve some light shone on them and some help to keep doing the amazing things they do.

It’s our belief, more so than ever, that we should help others and support those who do these Good Deeds because small contributions to our communities can make a big difference. The Semble community is rich with such people, that are all having a positive and powerful impact on others.

So we’ve come together in glorious partnership to reward some of the many unsung heroes in the Semble community and celebrate the good they’re doing up and down the country.

Every month we’ll be celebrating these community heroes, sharing their inspirational stories and giving them the chance to win a donation from our Good Deeds charity, all in the hope of helping their local community to thrive. 

A lucky few will also gain a place in the Soda Folk hall of fame at and feature across our social media channels over the coming months, so together we can raise a glass to celebrate these Good Folk across the country. 

Nominate a Good Deeder!

Do you know someone who’s done an ultimate Good Deed during the pandemic? Or someone who’s always lending a helping hand or getting stuck in with their community? Why not show them some well-deserved appreciation and share their story with us here -  because we all deserve some thanks and praise sometimes, right? 

If we like what we hear, we’ll send them a crate of tasty soda on us to say thank you. They might even have the chance to feature as a star on our packaging!

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