Inspiring Good Folk to do Good Deeds

In our Good Manifesto research, we found that while most of us (73%) think every person has the potential to be good, over half (51%) think it can’t be taught - you’re either inherently good or not.

But is this true across all generations and is it a fair judgement to make? Surely, we can’t expect all our Good Folk to be born this way? Shouldn’t we all lead by example instead?

The Generation Game

When we delved into the minds of the Great British Public, it was clear that not every generation is so skeptical towards how we view ‘good’.

In fact, 18-24 year olds are more optimistic and believe you can teach someone to be good (55%), compared to their parents and grandparents generation (45% of 45-60 year olds).

However, despite this youthful optimism, more young people (44% aged 18-24) think goodness should be proven through deeds, compared to just a quarter of baby boomers (27% aged 45-60). An interesting quandary!

Why Inspiration Is Crucial

Encouraging others to do good is central to our belief so we can continue making Good Soda for Good Folk. We know that 60% of us would like more deeds to be done in our local area but inspiration is key in starting this wave of good deeds.

In our last blog post, we looked at how not all good deeds need to be big. So, whether it’s helping out a neighbour with their shopping or lending a helping hand to a friend with some DIY, why not do your part to inspire others to do the same?

Indeed, only a third (34%) of us claim to have been helped out by a stranger in our latest survey. Wouldn’t it be magical next year if this were doubled?

How We’ll Be Doing Our Own Bit

We work tirelessly to make sure the Good Folk that make Soda Folk so special are always recognised. You can view our current Good Folk here - these lovely people are showcased on our packaging - a true inspiration to us all!

We also founded the Good Deeds Charity, where we take part of our turnover and use this to help those who help others. That means that every can of Soda Folk that is purchased by our customers is contributing to good deeds that help others to do more.

If you know someone who you think should be championed for their Good Deeds, then why not nominate them here.

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