Good Sodas make great cocktails


Struggling to book your favourite cocktail bar? Well, the Dracula’s Kiss is easy to build in one glass which means it’s one that’s perfect to make in the kitchen! 


  • 1 shot (25ml) grenadine 
  • 1 shot (25ml) vodka (black cherry or cherry preferably) 
  • 4 shots of our Cherry Soda 
  • Maraschino cherries (garnish) 


  • Coat the bottom of the glass with grenadine 
  • Add ice and vodka 
  • Fill with soda 
  • Garnish with cherries. Serve and enjoy! 

Cream Soda 

This one isn’t just simple to make - it’s simply delicious! Our cracking flavour is the perfect accompaniment in the Cream Soda Shaker that will leave craving more every time. 


  • Double shot vodka (50ml) 
  • Double shot of our Cream Soda x2 (100ml)
  • Ice


  • Mix ingredients into shaker or blender
  • Blend or shake 
  • Pour over more ice 
  • Add to a tall glass and garnish with a lime wheel 

Root Beer

We’ve tried Bailey's Float a few times and it’s safe to say it floats our boat. It’s beautifully creamy with just the right amount of sharpness - we absolutely love it! 


  • Double shot of our Root Beer x5 (250ml)
  • Double shot of Baileys 


  • Add 2 or 3 ice cubes to a lowball glass
  • Fill ¾ glass with our Root Beer
  • Top with Bailey’s and enjoy this creamy classic! 


We’ve gone totally ape for grape with Purple Fantasy - it’s truly the stuff of dreams! It certainly packs a punch but the constant bursts of fruitiness mean that this is a must-try. 


  • 1 shot white rum (25ml) 
  • 1 shot vodka (25ml)
  • A can of our Grape Soda
  • A can of lemonade
  • 1 slice lime 


  • Pour rum and vodka into a tall glass over ice 
  • Add 1 double shot of lemonade 
  • Top with our Grape Soda 
  • Add lime for garnish 

And there we have it, Soda Folks guide to some seriously tasty cocktail suggestions. While we’re still transitioning out of lockdown, why not bring the cocktail bar to the kitchen as a special treat? We love them and we just know you will to! 

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