Good Soda and (nearly) Good Times

It’s been a tough old slog. And even though we’re having to wait a little longer for all lockdown restrictions to be lifted, cause for celebration isn’t too far away (fingers crossed). The magic date may have been pushed back, but we’re still remaining upbeat. So, here are five reasons why we’re looking forward to the Good Times ahead. 

Lots of Good Soda out there 

We’re still some way off being able to ditch the masks and hug each other freely, so what can we still do to get a bit of joy? Well, enjoy life’s finer things and grab a can of Soda Folk whilst you’re out and about, available everywhere from Sainsbury's to Honest Burger

Trust us, those succulent Honest Burgers are the perfect explosion of flavour your mouth didn’t even know it needed. With that in mind, there’s only one way to wash down one of their juicy burgers. That’s with a cold can of Soda Folk, of course!

It’s coming home? 

This still remains to be seen - we’re still enjoying the ride though, right? Whatever the outcome is of England’s Euro 2020 journey, we’ll remember the feel of pints being thrown in the air. As long as it's not any of our Good Soda, we say!

Although there was disappointment for the other two Home Nation sides, there were memorable moments for all 3 countries, we hope there’ll be a few more along the way...

Wimbledon’s back 

They say “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and we definitely feel that’s the case here. A summer without Wimbledon last year was anything but good. It’s back though! We’re ready to get behind every serve and every backhand, as long as we’re well hydrated…

The home of tennis was left unlived in for too long and it’s great to go back. So whether we get a veteran performance from a legend or a new talent emerges, we’re in for a hell of a journey. 

New Flavour 

Every so often, it’s good to shake things up. As if the sheer joy and surprise in our first new flavour of the year wasn’t enough, we decided to give you another one! And even though we’re biased, Blueberry Muffin might just be one of the best drinks on the market! 

We want to take the time out to thank every single person that has bought a can so far, it’s a flavour that we always knew was amazing - seeing the amazing reception it’s had just makes that even sweeter. We salute you! 


While restrictions have been gradually lifted in some instances, we’re still waiting for the day we are officially free. From experiencing live music at a festival or intimate underground gig to being in a packed sports stadium. There’s lots more to look forward to. 

However, you choose to spend that first day of total freedom, make sure you’re doing it can-in-hand with some Soda Folk!

Need to stock up on some cans?

If you’re running low on cans, pop over to Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Costco, Amazon or our lovely online shop at

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