Folksgiving 2021 - we simply couldn’t resist this yea

On the back of last year’s tremendous success, we’re back again to put our very own Soda Folk special twist on Thanksgiving. That’s right - Folksgiving is back! But as you know, we’re never ones to rest on our laurels, we wanted to go even bigger and better this year.

So who better to draft in than someone who knows how to throw a killer event and more importantly someone who’s one of us - Kelly Iles is on board and ready to host one of our biggest celebrations yet. 

What’s going down? 

After the huge success of Key Lime Pie Soda, we wanted to keep our momentum going in order to make sure that this Folksgiving was even better than last year’s. So we’ve drafted in our favourite local hero, Kelly to help spread even more joy and positivity than she already has done - if that’s even possible! 

And as a thank you to all of the amazing NHS staff in Kelly’s local area in Leamington, she kindly offered to use her gorgeous tea room to host a Soda Folk ‘Folksgiving’ Afternoon Tea event as a special thank you to the NHS staff in the community. 

Expect delicious treats, our gorgeous Good Sodas and most importantly, expect a wonderful celebration of all the Good Deeds carried out by these Good Folk over the last year. But we’re not just about looking back on what’s happened in the past - we want to help create new memories and new acts of kindness. So that’s what we’ll be doing! 

Why #FolksGiving? 

While it’s true that we don’t need a special event to validate our Good Deeds, as you all know, we love embracing snippets of culture from our friends across the pond. And they don’t get much bigger than Thanksgiving and #FolksGiving is our take on the whole thing. #FolksGiving is a time of togetherness, connecting and celebrating the goodness that’s going on all around us.

So whether you go all out with turkey, stuffing and all the other special Thanksgiving trimmings, or you just use the day as a time of reflection and a time to give a little extra. We’d encourage everyone to make some time to be extra thankful for all of our privileges, no matter how small they may be. 

Spread the love however you can

They say “it’s the little things that count” and that’s something we truly believe. So we’d love to hear about any Good Deeds you’ve done for #FolksGiving 2021! Make sure you tag us on @sodafolk and don’t forget to add the hashtag #FolksGiving to be a part of the fun! 

And as a special thank you to you beautiful bunch, we’re launching a 20% discount for the entire Thanksgiving weekend! ​​In the meantime, if you’re running low on cans, pop over to Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Costco, Amazon or our lovely online shop at

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