Don't feel flat - pancake day is here!

It’s safe to say our worlds have been flipped upside down in the last twelve months. But there’s a small pancake shaped silver lining, it looks as though we’ll all be at home this year to celebrate Shrove Tuesday; or more commonly known as, Pancake Day

So, why do we celebrate it?

Well, Pancake Day; or Shrove Tuesday, is the traditional day of feast just before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. It was typically seen as the perfect time to use up any excess foods such as eggs, milk and sugar.

A Soda Folk take on a classic

Now we’ve all made pancakes plenty of times before, but as things are a little different this year, why not try incorporating our tasty Cream Soda into the process? Yes, it really is delicious. You’re welcome.


. A can of our Cream Soda
. 1 egg
. 140g pancake mix
. 1 tbsp vegetable oil


. Separate the egg. Beat the white until stiff and set aside. Put the yolk in a mixing bowl with the pancake mix.

. Add the vegetable oil and 1/2 can of our Cream Soda to the pancake mix. Mix with a fork until large lumps disappear, but do not overbeat.

. Fold the stiff egg white into the mix. You can add a bit more of our Cream Soda if the mix appears too thick.

. Let sit until bubbles appear all over the top and mixture rises a little.

. Pour onto a hot, greased pan. Turn over when bubbles appear on the surface and sides look dry. can use a measuring cup to ladle pancakes onto the pan.

We want to see your Cream Soda creations

Show us your special Pancake Day treats by tagging @sodafolk

Need to stock up on some cans?

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