Do Eurovision, Soda Folk style!

This week sees one of the most iconic international events around take place. The Eurovision Song Contest has introduced the world to the likes of ABBA and Celine Dion - where on earth would we be without them?! 

Last year was the first time the competition has failed to go ahead since its inception in 1956, it’s safe to say that we have missed the tradition. A hallmark in the calendar for so many people, it’s normally a chance for a good old get together too. And there’s no better way to welcome the easing of lockdown than to have a government-approved get-together!

As you beautiful folk know by now, sipping a few cans of our Good Soda is always the perfect way to celebrate…

Where the vision began 

The contest was initially conjured up to improve relations between European countries post-war. Whether or not it’s had that impact in a political sense, Eurovision has certainly added an amazing sense of fun and celebration every year it’s been on. We’re totally buzzing that it's back! 

The competition’s popularity has seen a sizeable renaissance in recent years, with an important emergence in LGBTQ culture.

The popularity of the event has led to a number of spin-offs but no one does it like Eurovision! Huge moments, catchy songs, gobsmacking outfits - it’s always one of the biggest shows of the year. 

The Brits: hit or miss? 

After a staggering 62 appearances, it can’t be said that the UK doesn’t love a good go at the Eurovision Song Contest! But let’s just say, it’s been a bumpy ride. Despite winning the competition 5 times, our last victory came all the way back in 1997. Could this be the year that changes? We hope so.

This year’s hopes rest on the wonderfully talented James Newman - and we’re right behind him! We hope James will be able to follow in the footsteps of legendary winners such as Lulu and Sandie Shaw. 

But he’ll need our support. We’ll definitely be tuning in, a cold can of Soda Folk in one hand, TV remote/microphone in the other! 

Show us your celebrations

Fancy yourselves as the next ABBA? Or are you more of a solo act in the making? Whichever one it is, we want to see your Eurovision celebrations so tag us in your social pics @sodafolk! 

There’s a chance to get creative here. Hair, costumes, the full works. Gather the household around your telly or even put on an outdoor showing and have a few more guests over! There are plenty of great options. 

The main thing is, you’ll be tuning in to guaranteed entertainment, and you’ll be doing it with a can of our Good Soda right by your side! 

Need to stock up on some cans?

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