Come rain or shine: The Great British Summer

The crunching of pebbles beneath your feet. The vinegary, salty, smell of a beachside chippy and the endless calls of hungry seagulls eyeing up that tub of cockles.

This is the British beachfront we can all relate to. And you know what? We utterly love it. But why?

Well for us at Soda Folk, we spend an awful lot of time trying to capture marvellous memories and pop them into a can. The quintessential British summer is just one of those memories that we all fall in love with. 

Sure, we can dream of white sandy beaches, big flamboyant cocktails and a scorching sun beating down on our factor 30. But every one of us has a story to tell around a wet afternoon in the height of summer where friends and families have gathered under a couple of umbrellas and made the most out of being together, in the moment. 

It’s not always something visual that transports us to some of those summer memories. It can be a taste, smell or other sensation. How about that moreish scent of a freshly fried doughnut? The taste of a Mr Whippy, smugly devoured as the rain pours down and the wind howls on a July afternoon.

Perhaps it’s sticky picnics in the park (always complete with a slice of something sweet) or the feel of wet grass on bare feet, because, let’s face it, that game of rounders stops for no weather. 

It’s these sensations that, in the moment, may feel superficial or meaningless, but, come February, we are all craving to experience again.

So, as you look up to the sky on another ‘washed-out’ August day, don’t fret or feel disheartened. Make a memory. A true, British summer, memory. 

And, as always, know that our Good Soda, with iconic nostalgic flavours, is there to make that memory a delicious one too.

So, what summer memory are you going to make today? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and let’s celebrate the special summer that we all know and love. 

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