Celebrating a summer of fantastic sport

Celebrating Good Folk is second nature to us by now, however, it feels a bit different when these incredible competitors are able to capture the hearts of the entire country. They’re real-life, living, breathing heroes - and we salute them. 

Gareth’s boys did us proud

Football didn’t quite come home and although the Euro’s ended on a very bitter note, there’s still so much to be proud of. The England team were heroes on and off the pitch. Standing up for societal issues such as pride, racism and tackling child poverty, the Three Lions roared for us all. 

The first final in 55 years. It might not have ended quite how we wanted it to but the feeling was undoubtedly restored. Roll on Qatar 2022 we say! We’ll be there, waiting with a nice cold can of Soda Folk ready to cheer on the team! 

Serving up a treat

After last year’s brief hiatus, the 134th edition of Wimbledon took place this summer and it did not disappoint! We saw it all, stunning comebacks, veterans rolling back the year but thankfully - we didn’t see too much rain. They say “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” and that rings true here. Of all the things we missed out on last year, The All England Tennis Club was certainly up there. 

After all, if strawberries are the quintessential snack of Wimbledon - then we reckon we’ve got just the drink to wash them down with. Our Cream Soda! 

Going for gold

Last. but by no means least, our Olympians! With over 50 medals already in the bag, Team GB have done us proud - and some! From boxing to gymnastics, cycling to rowing, BMX to weight lifting these athletes have shown off the diversity and courage our sporting teams are built on. 

It’s safe to say that the Olympics is the pinnacle for most athletes, and it’s given us unbridled joy to see these competitors that devote their lives to their crafts come away with medals on the world’s biggest stage. The Olympics may be bringing the summer of sport to an end, but these heroes have opened up doors of opportunity to kids around the world. What a wonderful gift! 

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