A little sprinkling of Americana

From Friends and Cheers through to Mac N’ Cheese and St. Louis ribs, there is a lot about Americana that inspires us. We try and capture the very best of American culture, the stuff we all know and love, and bring it to life in our brand and of course in our Good Sodas. 

Why? Well we were born out of Colorado, so still have a lot of love for the other side of the pond. But more importantly, there is something just delightfully playful and heart-warming about the best of Americana culture.

First off, it’s the sense of togetherness that we adore. Whether that’s gathering around a big meal, sharing a moment with our friends or taking some time out to soak up that favourite track that you and your buddies still guiltily play at full blast, just because you can. We want to keep these moments coming.

Next up is the joy that Americana culture can bring. From doing halloween like no other place on the planet, through to lighting up the skies on 4th July, throughout the year we try and bring some of that fizz and bang to our Soda Folk community.

Finally, Americana culture is something we can all see, smell and taste the moment it’s mentioned. Whether it’s that classic Buick car pulling up to a drive-in cinema (or should it be movie theatre?), a hot apple pie cooling on a window sill or the iconic soda float that transports you back to a childhood moment.

Our job is to make sure that from a sip of our Soda through to a read of our blog, you get a sprinkling of this Americana world and it puts a smile on your face.

So, here’s to the picket fences, ice cream parlours and diners. The Fibis, Frasiers and Seinfelds. If we can bring a bit of that joy to our world through our Good Soda, Good Deeds and Good Folk, well, then that’s something to be proud of.

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